From Smith to Mugabe: More of the same?

I am a proud Zimbabwean, even during a time when it is becoming hard to say so. I am also quite young, being born over a decade after Independence. Though our generation is derided as spoilt, self-centred, apathetic to issues of national development and blind to contemporary social, political and economic issues, I think this…

The MDC risks becoming like ZANU PF

What happened at Harvest House on Saturday reminded me of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s timeless masterpiece “100 Years of Solitude”, a novel whose main theme is the cyclical nature of events. In the book seven generations of the Buendia family are beset by catastrophes because they are unwilling to learn from the past. The family, and…

The Herald nails (ZANU PF) colours to the mast

Anyone who reads The Herald will agree with me that instead of offering balanced views, or even pretending to do so, The Herald has always acted as a mouthpiece of ZANU PF. However despite blatantly supporting the ruling party The Herald has consistently maintained that it is a neutral newspaper. But in an article in…

Remembering Samora Machel: Lessons of Unity for Zimbabwe and Africa

On 19 October 1986 a small village near where the borders of South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique converge called Mbuzini entered Southern Africa’s history books in the most tragic way possible when a Russian made Tupolev Tu-134 plane carrying Comrade Samora Machel crashed in the nearby Lebombo Mountains. Only eight people survived the crash while…

Africa’s Leaders are ‘fiddling while Rome burns’

Africa’s leaders are fiddling why the continent goes to the dogs. Instead of focusing on important issues they spend their time holding numerous summits discussing things which are not urgent like pulling out of the ICC whilst more pressing issues are not given adequate attention.
We, as Africans, have become masters of majoring in minors and minoring in majors.

The Legacy of President Mugabe and Vignettes from a Chinese Philosopher

Whenever I’m asked about Robert Mugabe’s legacy I am reminded of the words of a dead Chinese writer- Lin Yutang- who wrote that:
“For one thing, the living man’s life is not completed, and one
never knows what he is going to do next when a crisis comes. The
drunkard reforms, the saint falls, and the pastor runs away with a
choir girl.
It is a complicated legacy that cannot be fully and truthfully described until the last nail is firmly in place.