The Legacy of President Mugabe and Vignettes from a Chinese Philosopher

Whenever I’m asked about Robert Mugabe’s legacy I am reminded of the words of a dead Chinese writer- Lin Yutang- who wrote that:
“For one thing, the living man’s life is not completed, and one
never knows what he is going to do next when a crisis comes. The
drunkard reforms, the saint falls, and the pastor runs away with a
choir girl.
It is a complicated legacy that cannot be fully and truthfully described until the last nail is firmly in place.

A Time To Rise- A poem by Eddison Zvobgo

Below is a poem by the late celebrated Zimbabwean nationalist who is fondly remembered for his quick wit, sharp tongue, humour and love for his country Dr Edson Jonasi Mudadigwa Zvobvo. It is called “A Time To Rise”. ***** A Time To Rise It’s six, my son, and time to rise; The sun has shot…

A Book A Week- Rediscovering My Love for Books

As a kid and teen I read a lot but lately that habit has been fading away. I realized today that it’s been quite a while since I last read a book- really read, with full concentration. Instead I’ve spent my free time tweeting, sleeping and roaming around the web. So I decided to give…