“Reflections of an African Youth” is Moving

“Reflections of an African Youth” has been online for just over a year and half- I started this blog in September 2012. Since then this site has become part of my life and has opened up avenues I never dreamed of- interviews, deals, talks and even employment opportunities. Most importantly I have had a chance to add my own tiny, unimportant voice to various discussions and as a result I have interacted with many of you, who I hope, have been as enriched by this experience as I was.


I am moving this site to Tawanda Speaks for greater control and more customisation. I hope those of you who were kind enough to read the nonsense I -somewhat intermittently- posted here, will read the new nonsense on the new blog- though I promise to post more regularly there.

I want to thank everyone who read this blog. Your readership is much appreciated, and will hopefully continue.

Thank you

Tawanda Moyo

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