Jacarandas in bloom and Memories of High School

Today I decided to take a walk. Needed to clear my mind and think about some things. As I walked, rather aimlessly, I suddenly realised that the Jacaranda trees are now in bloom.


For some reason I had not noticed it before, I was probably too “busy” I guess. The purple flowers and soft carpet under the trees evoked powerful memories of another place where Jacarandas mean so much-Gokomere High School.

When the Jacarandas bloomed some people who were allergic to the flowers got sick. One of them was a close friend. He passed on five years ago. I think of him sometimes, but I feel guilty because I find myself slowly forgetting his face, the memories are getting dimmer- he’s fading away. Today, because of the purple Jacaranda flowers his face bloomed in my mind, as vivid as ever.


In my latter years at the school the blooms meant something much more important. When the Jacarandas bloomed it was always exams season. Everyone suddenly got busy and studious, the Jacarandas blooms were some kind of knell- signalling the end of our high school days.

When the Jacarandas bloomed you had to be prepared.

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