A Time To Rise- A poem by Eddison Zvobgo

Dr Edson Zvobgo

Dr Edson Zvobgo

Below is a poem by the late celebrated Zimbabwean nationalist who is fondly remembered for his quick wit, sharp tongue, humour and love for his country Dr Edson Jonasi Mudadigwa Zvobvo. It is called “A Time To Rise”.


A Time To Rise

It’s six, my son, and time to rise;
The sun has shot through the darkness
And the long day spreads before you like a kaross;
Start now, dear son; the journey is long.
There will be thunder and hailstorms
Although the weather appears calm
for the moment; beware of shelters
Offered you; rather brave it and be a Man.
Should you fall, rise with grace, and without
Turning to see who sees, continue on your road
Precisely as if nothing had ever happened;
For those who did not, the ditches became graves.
If ever you fall in love with some woman,
Ask if she can walk at your pace to the end
Of the road. . .

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