Football is back



Football is back, the English league officially started yesterday.

Thankfully the new season began with my team, Manchester United, winning. A good start to what promises to be an exciting year for football lovers.

Some people probably don’t understand why football fans all over the world love the beautiful game. I’m sorry, because it is something I can’t explain too.

So football is back, and until May 2014- and thereafter the World Cup- my weekends will be spent in front of TVs at home, in Harare’s pubs, in clubs, sports clubs and other less reputable establishments. There will be highs and lows, exhilaration and despair, discussions and debates, insults and sometimes fights. All part of the game.

Relationships will be strained, some might end. Meetings and appointments will be missed, calls will be ignored. Assignments will be submitted late. And the comrades who run Harare’s sports bars will see their sales increase. All because of football.

It’s certainly going to be a memorable year, most of Europe’s biggest teams have new managers and every football fan is eagerly waiting to see how they fare. There are new players too, like the Brazilian wonder kid Neymar.

Football is back, unfortunately so is school, the University academic year begins this week.

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