The Media and the Demonisation of Cde Hugo Chavez

While Latin America is mourning the death of Hugo Chavez, western media houses are busy portraying the late President of Bolivarian Venezuela as a ruthless dictator whose demise will do the people of Venezuela a lot of good. Nothing can be further than the truth. Venezuela’s loss is immense.

Under Chavez illiteracy was wiped out, poverty was reduced and the poor of Bolivia were given hope. Venezuela’s vast oil resources were for the first time used to benefit the masses.

As Latin America mourns Hugo Chavez and the west try to portray him as a dictator and menace, a more truthful picture is painted by the millions of Venezuelans who mourn their president, by the hundreds of thousands in Caracas and other South American cities who refuse to believe that he is gone.

A more truthful picture of the life and times of Cde Hugo Chavez is painted by the tears and sorrow of a nation in mourning. The legacy of Hugo Chavez can only be truly seen when one listens to the people of Venezuela.

Hugo Chavez was no saint, but he was well loved by his countrymen.

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