Reflections on Valentine’s Day.

So yesterday was St Valentine’s Day, a day when lovers around the world exchange confectionery, flowers, dolls and other materialistic things which are supposed to show total devotion. And a day obviously loved by the chocolate and doll makers of the world.

I didn’t think much of it, it’s just another Western tradition that came with colonialism after all. I don’t have a problem with the celebrations, just as I don’t have a problem with Halloween, Madi Gras, the Chinese New Year, the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday or the homosexuals’ ‘Day of Silence’, though I find it rather inane to wait for one day to show each other love.

A friend seems to share my indifference, a while ago I asked him how his Valentine’s Day went, “Terrible,” he replied, ” there was only the Europa League on TV.”
I agreed, and replied that it would have been much worse if Manchester United had lost on Wednesday night in Madrid.

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