A Very Late Happy New Year

It’s been a while since I last posted here, about a month or so though it seems longer because so much has happened- there was Christmas, New Year and as always, our politicians promised and promised.

I am, as they say here, ‘a son of the soil’ so I spent the festive season visiting relatives in rural areas and exchanging the noise, pollution and superficial characters of the cities for the clean air of the rural areas and the love and laughter of numerous aunts, uncles, grandfathers and mothers.

I had a wonderful time, and a blessed start to the new year. I learnt some useful lessons too, I learnt that one can lead a happy life without the useless trappings of money, and power, that one can be quite happy without a car or television. I was reminded of the love of family, and the joy of seeing distant relatives. I loved the peace, the warmth, the genuine smiles, and I learnt that I can lead a normal life without my laptop, facebook, football and other things we’ve come to think essential to our being.

Though it’s a bit late, I hope you have a blessed and productive 2013. Stick to your resolutions (mine is to get dreadlocks and my hair is a bit longer) and keep the spirit of positivity, even in the struggles, especially in the struggle.

May you, in this year and all the others to come, be the masters rather than victims, of change.

And as always, may you spread love and bring joy to all you meet.

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