We Are So Blessed

I love reggae music and I have so much of it that everyday I discover a new track in my collection. So yesterday, or the day before yesterday, I heard for the first time a track by Beres Hammond called “Not over until it’s done.”

I love Beres, and all his songs are awesome but the words in this song made me reflect for a moment about my life, and the things that I take for granted.


Beres Hammond

Part of the song goes:

“Last night I learn my lessons well
I learn from all the people
Just seeing the next man’s problem
Is enough for me to humble
While you were wondering what suit to wear
A family is worrying haven’t a meal to share
So I know I have company, lots of company (yes)”

Yes, when we wonder what suit to wear others are worrying that they haven’t food to share, when we decide what car to drive others walk barefooted.

We do not realise how much we have, the friends, family, food, health and shelter yet there are millions out there who do not afford a decent meal.

Persian poet Saadi (1184-1283/1291?) captures this perfectly in his works when he says:

“I never lamented about the vicissitudes of time or complained of the turns of fortune except on the occasion when I was barefooted and unable to procure slippers. But when I entered the great mosque of Kufah with a sore heart and beheld a man without feet I offered thanks to the bounty of God, consoled myself for my want of shoes and recited:

‘A roast fowl is to the sight of a satiated man
Less valuable than a blade of fresh grass on the table
And to him who has no means nor power
A burnt turnip is a roasted fowl.’ “
We complain so much about small things, the “shoes” of ours lives that we do not see how blessed we are-because at least we have “feet”. We throw away our food, we complain of its calorific value yet others would be grateful to have that which we see as unfit for consumption.
As we head into the festive season let us remember just how blessed we are and also help those in need.
Should it take a man without feet for us to start appreciating what we have? No.
Stop complaining and whining, start seeing beauty and love in your life and bring them into other people’s lives too. Appreciate what you have, give thanks to God, your ancestors, guardian spirit, The Great Mother, nature, the moon, the sun or whatever you believe in.
Life is full of blessings, we just need to SEE them.
I choose to be thankful and happy.
Hope you do the same. Celebrate the life you live and you’ll see just how blessed you are.

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