Congratulations to President Barack Obama

I was travelling from Masvingo when I got the news that President Obama had been re-elected to the presidency of the United States.

Four more years!!

Like millions of Africans across the globe, I was elated, not because I love America or because I find Obama’s policies beneficial but simply because Obama continues to defy odds and show the world that a Black man CAN.

In this world, where for much of the past 500 years the African has been treated as a child who is unable to make his own decisions and rise in the world, Barack is a shining beacon of hope and a source of inspiration for millions of blacks.

America’s condescending and patronizing attitude aside, as a young African I am inspired by Obama and glad of his victory.

Congratulations to President Obama, for his victory and fighting spirit, and above all, for remaining inspirational to so many people.

I wish him a successful second term, a blessed four years filled with positive change, hope and a changed perception of Africa.

May God bless him.

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