Vincere Caritate

It’s been three years since I left Gokomere High School, yet the memories are as vivid as if it’s only a few weeks. I remember the friends I made there, the smells of that wonderful place.

I remember the small hill and large boulders behind my form 1 classroom. I remember the monkeys, young and old, running across the roofs and through the windows.

In my mind I retrace my footsteps, perform the daily and somewhat monotonous routines.

When the nostalgia gets too great I remember the church services, and a part of me feels relieved that it’s over. The morning mass before breakfast was my least favourite- not that I loved the Sunday one anyway.

I remember the Jacaranda trees in full bloom around this time, when the school would have a beautiful soft purple carpet. Only that always meant the beginning of exams.

Sometimes I see faces, faces of friends and teachers long dead. The friends smiling, as they did in life; the teachers stern, as they were in life.

A thousand lessons flash through my mind, a thousand experiences yet one one stands out from the rest:


Which is Latin for ‘Conquer with Love’. It is a maxim which, though sometimes not followed, will never be forgotten.

And, if I ever forget all else, I’ll always remember ‘Vincere Caritate’. I’ll always remember to conquer, not with force, intimidation, coercion or bribery but with Love.

Hope you do the same.

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