An African Perspective 1: Five Talking Points

Greetings fam, hope you all had a great week. Mine wasn’t bad, as I learnt and reflected on a few things:

1. Never Insult the Prophet MUHAMMAD!

The Afrikan Youth is at this moment watching all the major news channels and the top story is the same on all of them: “Protests spread in the Arab world over a video made in the US which is seen as an assault on Islam.”
In more than half a dozen Moslem countries, foreign consulates and symbols of the west such as KFC and Mcdonalds are under attack by Moslems in retaliation to an American film which mocks the Prophet. And it certainly is Karma for the US, whose ambassador to Libya was killed in the unrest, that the ‘people’s revolution’ left a power vacuum that is favourable for chaos.
As Hillary Clinton asked, “Has the tyranny of dictators been replaced by the tyranny of the mob?”
Most importantly though, I learnt the eleventh commandment: Never insult the Prophet.

2. Where does freedom of expression end?

Just as the irresponsible American who created a movie which has led to deaths and destruction of property worth thousands of dollars thought his film was an act of free expression, the Afrikan Youth wonders if free expression extends to publishing the topless photos of the future Queen of the British Empire. A French magazine published the photos of Princess Kate Middleton who is wife to Prince William. Despite their other advantages and obvious wealth it seems royals cannot have a moment of privacy.
Ah, remind me never to become a royal.

3. The African Dream remains elusive- especially in South Africa.

Jacob Zuma says miners cannot be allowed to continue with strikes. Shameful things happening in the ‘Rainbow Nation’. An African Dream? Yes, to be pursued but never attained at this rate.
Zuma should know that the miners are the victims- that doesn’t need much wisdom.

4. What is China’s game?

After building the new AU headquarters in Addis Ababa, China went on to sponsor a lot of projects in various African countries. Just a few days ago I saw on the news that China will be upgrading Zimbabwe’s road and rail network including introducing modern high speed trains. Welcome development, but to what end? What’s in it for them?


5. The Drama that is PM Tsvangirai’s life.

I am having a hard time figuring who is who in the Prime Minister’s love life. The wedding, supposed to be held today may have to be cancelled after several women claiming to be in love or married or friends with the PM emerged. Every few hours new details and women are revealed, and the courts’ decisions swing back and forth.
Must be causing a terrible headache to invited foreign leaders and to the Prime Minister himself.

Enjoy your Weekend.


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