It’s September, the month I was born, the month when my year begins. Just as other people make New Year’s resolutions on the first of January, I decided to make my resolutions this month and introduce a Brand New Me.

So for this year’s resolutions I decided to pay more attention to my physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Physical Fitness:

Let’s face it: few young men exercise regularly because of various reasons ranging from being busy because of schoolwork, laziness, lack of interest and obviously, surfing the web. I don’t entirely blame you; men are busier now than at any other time in history. But the truth is that everyone should be in good shape for a range of reasons- you may need to outrun the police, escape a mugger, look good in T-shirts, intimidate your sister’s boyfriend and so forth.

I am not exactly unfit but I’m not fit either so I decided to exercise my way to prime condition. The first and hardest part was finding a routine that fits into the life of a single, university going, internet loving, and football mad young man.

Since I don’t like gyms and because I sometimes visit and stay in places where there are no gyms I settled on calisthenics exercises. Calisthenics are exercises that use your own body weight such as crunches, pull ups, push ups and squats. With that decided I went on to create a daily workout routine that I’ll try to stick to for the next decade.

Wish me luck.

Mental Wellbeing:

A famous author- I forget which- once said “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” or something near enough as to make no difference. Therefore I decided to read more and more on various topics. I have always been an avid reader of fiction and politics, being especially interested in fantasy novels and thrillers but I want to read more non-fiction.

Reading makes the mind better at retaining and analysing information and, more importantly, it makes us more informed and therefore less boring. The well-read man is therefore always at ease in any setting and can converse with many people on various topics.

Exciting people are getting rarer because of the internet which only encourages reading facebook status updates and tweets. It is hard nowadays to find a young man who knows in which continent Mongolia is found. As an African Youth, I read books on strategy, business, philosophical and political thought, notable examples being Nicollo Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’, Robert Greene’s ‘The 48 Laws of Power’, The Holy Bible and ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tsu.

Spiritual Wellbeing:

I am a Christian though I have not been behaving like one lately so I resolved to become more spiritual. So I’ll be going to church this year, hopefully more times than I attended the last four years put together. And I’ll read the bible more often- which I’d still do even if I were not Christian because of the profound wisdom found there.

To aid me in my quest I decided to read more philosophy so as to better understand the purpose of my life, virtue, the meaning of happiness and also to view my own beliefs in perspective of what others thought.

That means reading Confucius, Nietzsche, Socrates, Plato etc

And finally:

The guys at The Art Of Manliness recently put up a great article urging men to have a morning and evening routine. Aside from helping you manage your time more efficiently; daily routines also help you stick to particular activities without having to decide each morning.

So here is mine:


5:30      Arise, Stretch And Workout: Chest, Leg & Shoulder (Mon, Wed, Fri) Arms, Abs & Back ( Tue, Thurs, Saturday) and Full Body Light Circuit and Stretching on Sunday.

6:30     Shower and Hygiene

6:40      Prayer, Meditation and Scripture

7:00      Breakfast

7:30       Web surfing and news reading and social Networks

8:30       School


20:30     Review of day’s work/ Revision

21:30     Reading Philosophy/ Strategy. Web browsing, Updating my Blog

22:30     Relaxing/ Gaming/

23:00     Prayers, Preparations for tomorrow

23:10     Bed

I’m finding this very useful as it keeps me from thinking too much about what’s next for tomorrow.

Read, exercise, meditate- make your own routine and stick to it.


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